Marvin Gaye in Ostend

When I want hard rock I listen to Thin Lizzy. When I want soul I listen to Marvin Gaye. He is number one. The albums Marvin Gaye recorded during the 1970s are some of the best music there is. From What´s Going On to Here, My Dear he created pure soul. My favorite at the moment is the naughty I want You album, but the underrated soundtrack for the Blaxplotation movie Trouble Man is closing in.

During the early 80s Marvin Gaye moved to Ostend in Belgium to escape from his demons and drug abuse and to compose songs to relaunch his career. The most famous one being Sexual Healing. Ahh what a great song that is! Here’s a part of a documentary about his life in Ostend.

I think it’s very interesting to see footage of Marvin Gaye during this period of his life. It also makes me sad because you can see and feel that he has a troubled soul. They are making a movie about this period of his life and Jesse L. Martin will play the role as the legendary soul singer. I really look forward to that movie.

“I am an orphan at the moment and Oostende is my orphanage… At this particular time, there are places I’d rather be, but I probably need to be here, and that is why I stay”


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