Salsa in Singapore

I’m on vacation. On monday the 15th I travelled to Kuala Lumpur (KL) in Malaysia and since thursday I have been in Singapore. In KL I visited the Petronas Twin Towers, Chinatown and the Masjid Negara (National Mosque). I will return to KL after ramadan and hopefully I will have a chance to explore the city some more.

Singapore is an interesting city-state on the Malay Peninsula. It’s a multi cultural society and the three largest ethnic groups are the chinese, the malays and the indians. I booked my hotel online and looked for budget accommodation. I ended up in Geylang, a chinese and malay area. It’s also the red light district of Singapore…Geylang is full of small chinese restaurants and shops and I must say I like the vibe in the area. It has a rough charm.

MasjidSultanThe Arab Street in Singapore is also full of small interesting shops, cafés and restaurants that serve all kinds of food. There is also the beautiful Masjid Sultan – an old mosque that was first built in the 1820s. I visited Arab Street a couple of times and enjoyed a delicious iftar meal of spicy chicken at a Halal restaurant near the mosque. I highly recommend this area if you ever visit Singapore. There is also a vibrant Chinatown which I visited and bought gifts to some dear friends. During the evenings I spent some time at a Cuban bar called Cuba Libre. Great music and nice vibe. I also went to another latin club at Union Square on saturday where they had a celebration because of the Colombian national day. A band played salsa and cumbia and I enjoyed a couple of fresh mojitos.

It has been interesting to travel to Malaysia and Singapore and experience the differences and the similarities with Indonesia. This is my last evening in Singapore before I return to Jakarta and I must say I have been enjoying my visit here. There are alot of nice bars and restaurants and tonight I will enjoy some eminent frog porridge in Geylang…grodgeylang


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