A Huey P. Newton Story

Let me introduce Huey P. Newton (1942-1989), co-founder of the radical Black Panther Party. Born in Monroe, Louisiana and raised in Oakland, California. Don’t be scared brothers and sisters. I’m not a radical revolutionary. I’m just a reserved, humble and peaceful man from Gothenburg, a seaport in Sweden. I do find the life and the teachings of Huey P. Newton very interesting though. Two of the books I brought with me to Indonesia are about Huey P. Newton. They are called To Die for the People and The Huey P. Newton Reader. They have kept me company here in Jakarta like good friends. If you are interested in knowing more about the Black revolutionary Huey P. Newton and the history of a social movement. Read them!


A Huey P. Newton Story is a one-man play performed on stage by actor Roger Guenveur Smith that film director Spike Lee later made it into an award-winning film. Newton wasn’t know to be a great speecher. He spoke with a strange voice and often appeared shy. Roger Guenveur Smith perfectly captures Newtons shyness, his lack of charisma and nervous body movements but also agressive nature. People that knew the Black revolutionary has said that Guenveur Smith did a great job at portraying Newton. I really love this film by Spike Lee. I have seen it many times and I suggest you see it too.


6 thoughts on “A Huey P. Newton Story

  1. Hello! It’s Amber, your friend from Los Angeles. Another book I would recommend for your Huey Newton trifecta is “A Taste of Power” by Elaine Brown. She was his girlfriend/partner who led the Panthers when Huey was incarcerated/incapacitated. Fills in a lot about his personality, the politics of the moment, & the sexism/gender dynamics in the movement (many of which, continue today.)

    Thanks for sharing your blog with me!

  2. Hello! It’s been a long time!
    I actually witnessed the play right here in Richmond, VA. It was held at our Fine Arts museum and it blew us all away. Roger Guenveur was hypnotic as Huey Newton. Amazing moment in time. Glad that I can watch it again on film.

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