Gambian sounds

My father is from a tiny country in West Africa called The Gambia. I have been there several times and I consider it my second home. It’s a country in an area with a rich music tradition. With the two giants Senegal and Mali as neighbours it might be difficult for Gambian musicians to be heard. The “competion” is tough!

But The Gambia has two legendary groups that stand out…Ifang Bondi and Guelewar. I really love them. Their sound is completely unique. It’s psychedelic afrobeat with strong roots in the music soil of Senegambia.

Bai Janha, alias “Sweet Fingers”, played in both Ifang Bondi and Guelewar. And here is Karantamba, his last group which was a school for young musicians. This song was recorded in 1984. Listen to that groove!


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