It was my late brother Malik that introduced me to NWOBHM (New Wave of British Heavy Metal).  It was the early 80s and he loved the group Iron Maiden and since I wanted to be as cool as my big brother I also started to listen to them. Of all the NWOBHM groups it’s only Iron Maiden and Motörhead that I still listen to. They were the best and they still deliver on stage. The British metal scene of the early 80s was great with many classic songs and albums. Metal and football was the most important thing in my life back then. Have I changed? Well I have a broader taste now but I still love “the beautiful game” and some nice riffs.

Here  are two versions of the song “Prowler” from Iron Maidens first self titled album. One is a demo and the other is the version that ended up on the album. It’s interesting to hear how the song developed. “Prowler” will always be a song that represent that era and those years for me. I really like the first two albums by Iron Maiden (Iron Maiden and Killers) with Paul Di’Anno on vocals. It’s rough and punky. NWOBHM!

Cheers brother Malik!


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