Holy Ghost


“Trane was the father, Pharaoh was the son, I am the holy ghost.” – Albert Ayler.

Free jazz saxophonist Albert Ayler used to live in Sweden. Stockholm to be more precise. While in Sweden he met fellow American avantgarde pianist Cecil Taylor and performed with him. Some say he developed his music while in Stockholm. It’s difficult to describe the music Albert Ayler performed during the 1960s. Sometimes it sounds like a New Orleans funeral march that has got lost, other times it sounds like a West African high life mini orchestra in a fist fight with a hard bob band. His music is naked and raw, sometimes very intense and agressive. It’s blues. It’s free jazz. It’s Albert Ayler.

We will never know how his music would have evolved and sounded during the 1970s. Albert Ayler disappeared in early november 1970 and was found dead in New York City’s East River a couple of weeks later. Sad. Very sad.

“Our Prayer” is a beautiful piece written by his brother Don Ayler (on trumpet). Albert Ayler plays the saxophone.


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