The Devil’s Orchard

Opeth – a progressive death metal band from Stockholm, Sweden. One of my favorite bands from my home country.  “The Devil’s Orchard” is a song on their latest album called Heritage. I think the album is brilliant. It’s complex, diverse and mysterious music with elements of metal, jazz and folk. There are many Opeth fans out there that prefers when the band focus on death metal material, but I like when they add that 70s prog vibe to their music. The music on Heritage sometimes makes me think of a chilly autumn day in Uppland. There’s colors there but it’s also dark and mysterious.

There are many great black metal and death metal bands from Scandinavia. Maybe it’s something in the Scandinavian soul soil? Opeth started with death metal but has now developed into a different kind of band – more open minded. In a recent interview frontman Mikael Åkerfeldt has hinted that next album will have a heavier sound with “more sinister-sounding riffs”.



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